Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid. I'm actually going to have to watch this monster, aren't I?

I came to mock. Yet another fight school anime, one where lesbians make out to become weapons? It is to laugh! Plus: Nippies!

I left in horror. These girls are in sexual slavery!

I came back for the politics, the characters, the actual dad gum story. And the nippies.

This is a story about a tyranny based on perversion, the ugly things it does to its victims in the name of protecting them, and the troublemakers who fight against it using its own tools.

Where many anime use a checklist of fan-favorite tropes to build puppet characters and plotless stories, VD:M tells a real story using the same check list to dark and twisted ends.

It then dips the resulting hand grenade in the semisweet dark chocolate of uncensored, forbidden sex, sticks on the self-parodying cherry of a gaggingly inappropriate end credit theme, and invites you to swallow it whole, with the pin pulled.

The result is the best lesbian killers show since Noir.

Watch the Funimation censored subs if the nudity and sex bother you. But even if you prefer fansubs, or at least the Funi transcript grafted onto the raws, take Funimation's advice: You Should Be Watching.

Three eps in, it's been a helluva ride. And it's just getting started.


In your face, complacent ecchi fans!

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