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"I think I might be getting excited."
—Rinka's quote, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni

The oldest of the Kagurazaka sisters. Though she’s one to be constantly smiling and has a gentle disposition at heart, her sheer rampaging prowess born from her pure heart strikes fear even in the heart of her younger sister Ranka. She fights with a Japanese sword and leaves a very nice scent in her tracks as she moves. Her sword also transforms into an upgraded, ancient-like sword when she kisses anybody that will perform a drive with her.


Rinka's history is unknown. But all we know is that she's the older sister of the Kagurazaka sisters. Also she's one of the girls (including her sister) that's infected by the V-virus. Earlier when her parents learn that she's infected by the virus, they sended her and her sister Ranka to Bhikkhuni Island where they can be cured.


Rinka is a beautiful girl with long purple-violet hair and purple eyes. She's a bit shorter than her sister but her breasts are bigger. She wears a hairpin on the right side of her head (while her sister has it on her left side). She wears a sailor uniform shirt with a blue tie that exposes her midriff and a blue skirt, while her thong is visible on her hips. She wears black stockings and school shoes.




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