Rain Hasumi (蓮実レイン) is a hybrid Liberator and Extar, and her partner is Lady J. She and Lady J are former agents of the Nafrece Intelligence Agency.


Rain is a tall, young woman with shoulder length blond hair with a red fringe on the left side of her face. She wears sunglasses quite often. She is usually seen in a sexy black leather biker suit that exposes her cleavage, her shoulders, and her backside. She also wears black boots that go up to her calves. Around her neck is a small cross necklace. Her boobs stand out when she has sex with Lady J and she kisses her.


  • Whilst being a Liberator, she is also an Extar or "arm", known as hybrids.
    • She becomes a powerful cross-shaped gun when in extar form.
    • Due to her strong abilities and powerful bond, she and Lady J are able to combine into one arm known as their Final Form.
  • It's possible both she and Lady J are easily able to switch to and from their Liberator and Exter forms without the others aid.
"That's just how strong the bond is between J and I!" (Ep. 4)