Momoko Kouzuki is a C-Class Arm of Mermaid Island. She is Miyasato’s Arm.

Appearance Edit

She has short brown hair, held together by a bow at the back. She is distinctively shown to have a rather sleepy expression, indicated primarily by her eyes, and puckered lips.

Momoko has one of the most very voluptuous figures shown in the series. Her figure is perhaps set apart from the other equally voluptuous characters in the series by the fact that she distinctively has a more plump figure. Most notably, her areolas has a distinctive multiple point star like patterning to it, a trait only she has been shown to possess.

When first introduced, she she has been shown wearing a plain yellow string bikini. When not on duty as a Knight she has been shown wearing the standard Welter clothing.

Personality Edit

Momoko has been shown to be a remarkably laid back person, a trait which she shares with her Liberator, Aoi. Kasumi Shigure has expressed her displeasure with both her and her partner's as Knights.

She seems to like shirking her duties, albeit does so in a rather jocular way, as when she was called to duty by Capt. Kasumi; she had answered the call but jokingly denied being there. In spite of her laid back attitude though, she doesn't seem to mind taking orders as she dutifully reports to Kasumi Shigure when she called for the two.

Abilities Edit

She transforms into gun Arm.

Biography Edit

I'm Getting Deflowered Edit

Zero Arm Edit

Following their defeat at the hands of Mirei & Mamori, Kouzuki, as well as Miyasato, is shown being brutally whipped as punishment by one of Charlotte's followers as she watches. In spite of their apologies and begging, Charlotte only encourages more punishment for their failure.

Trivia Edit

  • Alongside Miyasato, Kouzuki is the first character shown initiating Drive in the series.

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