Mana Inagawa Edit

Momo's partner, Mana tried her hardest to get Momo to open up to her, but Momo's aloof personality quickly becomes constant bane in their relationship. Mana later loses interest in Momo and parts ways with her in order to join the Elite Class.

Rinka Kagurazaka Edit

Momo initially painted Rinka as annoyance, but became later attached to her after Rinka offered to be her partner for an upcoming exam. Momo would remain loyal to Rinka for the rest of the story.

Ranka Kagurazaka Edit

Ranka and Momo did not get off to a good start when they first met, especially after Momo groped her sister from out of nowhere. They becomes good friends and partners after Rinka's hospitalization.

Manpukumaru Chang Edit

Due to her ditzy nature and obsession with food, Momo initially sees Manpukumaru as an idiot, but later sees her as a trusted, if not still gullible ally.

Viola Edit

Momo and Viola are hostile to each for most of the story.

Koharu Tsukikage Edit

Momo largely sees Koharu as another strong rival.