"I’ll defeat you, I’ll defeat all of you."
—Momo's quote, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni

Momo is a reserved girl with a low voice, and wields a spear in battle. She is one of the new arrivals to Bhikkhuni, with the rare VR strain of the A Virus, much like the others.


Momo's life before arriving on Bhikkhuni is a mystery, even to herself, as she lost her memories. Given her intimidating attitude and silent nature, it can be assumed that has fought many bloody battles in wars before coming to the island.


Momo is a teenage girl of average height with blue eyes and shoulder length purple hair that turns reddish at the tips. She wears a jacket over a gray vest and underneath it she has a white shirt. She wears a loose tie and a very long scarf. She wears a squared red skirt and skates instead of shoes most of the time. She has a cat like figure, and is very cute.


Silent and aloof, Momo does little to make a good first impression, and is focused solely on fighting and regaining her memories. Having lost her memory, Momo is fighting in hopes of finding out who she is. Starved for knowledge, she repeatedly questions herself, and when she comes across a word that piques her interest, she’ll ask questions for hours on end until things finally make sense for her. While her fighting skills and ability to adapt are outstanding, she isn't very adept at socializing, spending most of her time alone. She has a habit of threatening to kill anyone who annoys her. Despite this, she has some adorable mannerism as well, such as not being able to wash her hair without getting soap in her eyes, and her odd fixation on groping breasts.


  • Momo means "Peach".
  • Kuzuryū means "Nine-Headed Dragon".


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