"“Don’t worry about it. I know you did your best out there."
—Mana's quote, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni

A calm, loving girl, Mana serves as the group’s mediator. She can transform her hair into arrows one strand at a time, making her an especially dangerous opponent to face off against knowing her hair can slip through any crack in the enemy’s defenses. Her greatest weapon, however, may be her ability to make people around her crack a smile no matter whether she’s complimenting them or telling them off.



Mana is a girl of average height with long brown hair and yellow eyes. She wears a flower on the left side of her hair. She wears a mike-like shirt and a red skirt. She wears sandals instead of shoes.


Mana was a rookie in good luck and sexual behavior without a bad reason, she only stays relaxed and meditated all by herself.

Powers and Abilities Edit

  • Skilled Fighter - Mana has focus her hand-to-hand combat ability using mentality.
  • Archery - Any Drive partner (in their bow form) can cause Mana to wield and mastering archery.
    • Sharp Shooting - Mana is basically a sharp-shooter. At least, her hair arrows have penetrative force when shot.
  • Swordsmanship - Through that she didn't wield a blade weapon, she can use the side-blades of her bow by swinging it over foes.
  • Acrobatics - Mana was skilled in acrobatic movements.

Drive Breaks Edit

  • Knockback Shot - Mana grabs her hair strand from her hair transforming into an energy arrow before shooting the opponents.
  • Nigi Mitama - Mana shoot her hair arrows by using acrobatic movements.
  • Kushi Mitama - Mana's main, powerful finisher. She surrounds her bow with her strands of hair before shooting the hair arrow into the sky, forming a shower of arrows.


  • Mana has a Dragon motif. By using Final Drive with any partner, her bow became a resemblance to two blue dragons with green eyes.