"With my partner, we can't be beaten"
—Lady J, Valkyrie Drive Mermaid

Lady J (レディー・J(ジェー) Redī Jei) is a girl who is full of mystery and possesses a bewitching appearance and rich body. Her appearance is cool and she speaks very few words, but she has a strong connection with her Liberator, Rain Hasumi. Their bond is founded upon a deep mutual trust. Together, they seem to be surveying the Mermaid island but those actions are wrapped with mystery.

She is a hybrid Liberator and Extar, her partner and lover is Rain Hasumi, and she is able to turn into a bike in her arm form.



Lady J has long purple hair that reaches to the middle of her back, with a forelock hairstyle above her yellow eyes and has a rather sultry expression about her. She wears purple lipstick, matching her hair, wears black earrings and wears a black bandana with a six petaled black and red flower.

Lady J has the most voluptuous figure of all the girls on Mermaid Island. Her breasts perhaps stands out the most, having both the largest bust size and cup size shown and confirmed. She has a rather slender waist for her size, albeit her hips more than makes up for it, as she is confirmed to have the widest hips shown. Her nails are also printed purple, matching her hair and lip color.

She dresses in a provocative, black two piece with red accents and no undergarments. The top that exposes most of her under-cleavage and a long split-skirt with a ribbon covering the entirety of her crotch, plus her clothes expose her belly so her navel may be appreciated. On her feet she wears strapped up black high heels and on her arms black arm warmers. The diamond motif is repeated on her bike Arm form, and her face, breasts, and legs form parts of the bike.


Lady J has been shown to be an easygoing woman, much like her partner, Rain. She, more times than not, is shown to wear a calming smile at her lips, albeit she's always mature and takes things in stride. This smile is shown to fade away in more serious situations, such as when faced with a powerful enemy, suggesting Lady J is quick to analyse the situation.

Usually, she lets Rain do the talking, preferring only to interject only when she has questions of her own or to make a witty remark, as well as getting straight to the point. Her preference to allowing Rein to do the talking is a testament to the two's close relationship. She does not get jealous nor angry when Rain pairs with other Liberators which only makes their relationship seem all the more strong as well as their immovable trust for each other.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Arm Form Edit

By initiate Drive, Lady J is able to transform herself into a bike form, which has both transportation and combat use. Along with her partner, Rein, she is able to initiate Drive without sexual stimulation and with just about any other Liberator. Rain has displayed to use her so efficiently in this form that she can actually use her in combat. It is unknown how fast she is able to travel in this form.

Acrobatics: Despite her buxom figure, Lady J has been shown to be rather acrobatic. She is able to perform a front walkover/flip to initiate her Arm form so confidently that she made a brief remark mid-flip.


  • Whilst being an Liberator, she is also an Extar or "arm", known as hybrids.
    • Lady J's Arm form is a powerful bike. Her face is under a helmet where the speedometer would normally be; her body is the seat, so that Rain lays on top of her.
    • Due to her strong abilities and powerful bond, she and Rain are able to combine into one arm known as their Final Form.
  • When she is in Bike Form, if Rein strokes her breasts or thighs, she makes a pleased "Ahhh!" sound with a metallic resonance.
  • Her Bike Form transformation is similar to the male doctor of CR, Kiriya Kujo (A.K.A, Kamen Rider Lazer/Lazer Turbo), he also accessed his Bike Form as Level 2 transformation like Lady J's, which was activated on the Gashat's game, Bakusou Bike.
    • Lady J is also using a motif of Kiriya as well.
  • Her birthday is May 26th.



Exter Lady J and her Liberator, Rein, betting with Meifon.


Lady J in motorcycle Arm form, side.


Lady J in motorcycle Arm form, front.


Lady J's face is just visible where the speedometer would normally be.

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