Breast Weight : 15 kg

Kouzuki is a C-Class Arm of Mermaid Island.

Appearance Edit

She has short brown hair, held together by a bow at the back. She is distinctively shown to have a rather sleepy expression, indicated primarily by her eyes, and puckered lips.

Kozūki has one of the most very voluptuous figures shown in the series. Her figure is perhaps set apart from the other equally voluptuous characters in the series by the fact that she distinctively has a more plump figure. Most notably, her areolas has a distinctive multiple point star like patterning to it, a trait only she has been shown to possess.

When first introduced, she she has been shown wearing a plain yellow string bikini. When not on duty as a Knight she has been shown wearing the standard Welter clothing.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

Biography Edit

I'm Getting Deflowered Edit

Zero Arm Edit

Trivia Edit

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