"Welcome to Ascenseur. We welcome you guys."
—Directors's quote, Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni

The Director has full authority on Bhikkhuni, as she was entrusted with the management and operations of the island. She serves a variety of roles, such as a strict but good mother figure, a good boss, sister, and teacher ideally to those who live on the island. Presumably due to her busy job, she always shows up in a holographic monitor.


Little is known about her, other than she is the Director of island and headmaster of Bhikkhuni's boarding school. She proudly states that Bhikkhuni has had the most success in treating the virus.


The Director has the appearance of a well endowed and fair skinned woman with reddish purple hair and red eyes. She wears oval glasses and a gray business suit.


The Director, as stated above, serves a variety of roles to occupants of the island, such as a mother, sister, or teacher figure for the girls on the island, or a good boss for the teachers. She is very whimsical, and often makes jokes to lighten the mood. Still, the Director is very mysterious, as she appears when least expected, suggesting she is watching almost every thing that happens on the island.


  • The Director was literally punned as a young, feminine version of Taizan Himuro, a governor of Touto and character from Kamen Rider Build.
    • Unlike Taizan who had a real name, The Director was nameless to be called.